Cat Boarding



Have you ever fallen in love with the royal living style and feel-like-home comfort at a luxury palace during your vacation? Best Friends Palace goes over an above when it comes to pampering your pets, through exclusively designed daily physically and psychologically activities.

Climate-controlled suites

Entirely cage free environement

Cat Parcour

24/7 webcam

VIP Pet Shuttle

Cat Boarding Rate

15 chf/€

Shared occupancy
Weekly test update

VIP Pet Shuttle

🚌 Monday to Friday : 50 to 70 CHF/€ each way
🚌 Weekend : 100 to 150 CHF/€ each way

Rates are quoted depending upon the distance.
Additional charge for waiting time : 1 CHF/€ per minute (max 5 minutes waiting)
The pet owner is responsible to be present during the pick-up / drop-off time slots.
Arrival time is notified by the chauffeur before departure.

Time slots

06H00 - 10H00

Door-to-door pick-up

17H00 - 19H00

Door-to-door drop-off

Best friends palace’s pet taxi service is fully authorized by Service de la consommation des affaires vétérinaires (licence No. CH-GE-TRS024)