Spa Services for dogs

With our one-of-a-ten beauty services, your pet will be pampered with only the world’s finest products from IV San Bernard and Special One (Show grooming) for crystal cleaning, ,deep relaxing, beauty treatments and fashion styling.

Best Friends Palace’s grooming salon is officially certified by IV San Bernard (CERT. N° 18001) as ethical animal salon : a voluntary protocol to which our salon is committed to protecting the health and dignity of the animal, applying the same rules that regulate cosmetics for humans and committing to spread the culture of animal protection with a specific Certificate of Conformity. IV San Bernard is the first in the world to pass “Safe Pet Cosmetics” certification.

At Best Friends Palace, our award-winning pet stylists analyze every pet’s skin and hair condition to customize the spa product mixture accordingly. This truly unique practice requires great knowledge in all dog breeds, this personalized beauty treatment you won’t find anywhere else.

Palace Signature VIP Spa Day

The best birthday gift your pet can dream of !

1 VIP Shuttle Pick-up
2 Welcome Gift
3 Socialization playing with other dogs
4 Enjoy entertainment facilities
5 20 min slat mill fitness program
6 20 min chasing & hunting game
7 Hot oil whole body massage
8 Styling by award winning stylist
9 VIP Shuttle Drop-off

24H Guaranty

VIP Pet Shuttles

Certified animal ethical salon

Award winning stylists

Entirely no cage environment

Rates & Services included


First Hair Treatment : Crystal-clean
Second Hair Treatment : Deep-Hydrating
Full Body Mask : Intense Repairing
Full Body Massage (5 minutes)
Classic Dry
Eye & Ear Cleaning
Nail Cutting

XEar Hair Removal
XUnder Feet Trimming
XBikini Trimming
XRelooking and Styling

Up to 5 kg30 CHF/€
Up to 10 kg40 CHF/€
Up to 15 kg50 CHF/€
Up to 20 kg60 CHF/€
Up to 25 kg70 CHF/€
Up to 30 kg80 CHF/€
Up to 35 kg90 CHF/€


First Hair Treatment : Deep-clean
Second Hair Treatment : Pro-Hydrating
Full Body Mask : Intense Repairing
Full Body Massage (5 minutes)
Hand Blow Dry
Eye & Ear Cleaning
Nail Cutting
Ear Hair Removal
Under Feet Trimming
Bikini Trimming
Relooking and Styling


Up to 5 kg60 CHF/€
Up to 10 kg70 CHF/€
Up to 15 kg80 CHF/€
Up to 20 kg90 CHF/€

Additionnal Charge

👑 De-matting : 1CHF/€ per min
👑 Hand stripping : 20 CHF/€
👑 Sonic teeth brushing : 15 CHF/€

VIP Pet Shuttle

🚌 Monday to Friday : 50 to 70 CHF/€ each way
🚌 Weekend : 100 to 150 CHF/€ each way

Rates are quoted depending upon the distance.
Additional charge for waiting time : 1 CHF/€ per minute (max 5 minutes waiting)
The pet owner is responsible to be present during the pick-up / drop-off time slots.
Arrival time is notified by the chauffeur before departure.

Time slots

06H00 - 10H00

Door-to-door pick-up

17H00 - 19H00

Door-to-door drop-off

Best friends palace’s pet taxi service is fully authorized by Service de la consommation des affaires vétérinaires (licence No. CH-GE-TRS024)