Spa Services

For Cats





With our best in class salon and SPA services, your pet will be pampered with only the finest cat cosmetic product from Iv San Bernard for deep cleaning, maxi relaxing, beauty treatments and fashion styling.

Most trendy luxury Spa treatments

Award winning grooming

Satisfaction guaranteed
(Free correction within 24 hours)

*Non-refundable full payment is request in advance for cat grooming.
The grooming will be stopped immediately if a cat shows any agressive signs (bite, scratch, growl, hiss, etc.) The pet owner is requested to test and ensure the cat’s behavior meets the following criterias before booking :
a. The cat must allow to be brushed for at least 30 minutes by the cat owner before showing any agressive signs.
b. The cat must be used to noisy equipments (clipper, dryer) without manifesting by a movement and loud meow.
c. If the cat can be brushed without any problem and is not precisely reactive to noises but has never been washed, it will receive dry bath.
d. If the cat has already been washed by the owner but never dryer dried, it will receive dry bath.
e. If the cat has already been groomed by a professional groomer and went very well, it can receive ater bath and relooking.

VIP Pet Shuttle

🚌 Monday to Friday : 50 to 70 CHF/€ each way
🚌 Weekend : 100 to 150 CHF/€ each way

Rates are quoted depending upon the distance.
Additional charge for waiting time : 1 CHF/€ per minute (max 5 minutes waiting)
The pet owner is responsible to be present during the pick-up / drop-off time slots.
Arrival time is notified by the chauffeur before departure.

Time slots

06H00 - 10H00

Door-to-door pick-up

17H00 - 19H00

Door-to-door drop-off

Best friends palace’s pet taxi service is fully authorized by Service de la consommation des affaires vétérinaires (licence No. CH-GE-TRS024)