Dog Daycare

8 hours

From 20chf/€

Since decades vets and pet experts keep emphasizing the daily essential welfare needs of exercise and socialization, which are as important as food and water. We fully understand the struggles and helplessness with today’s busy work and social life, and especially when there is no choice.

Best Friends Palace is here to help your furry best friend get healthier and happier. We take playtime and social time very seriously.

Entirely no cage environement

Playgroups created based on size and temperament

Award-winning indoor and outdoor activities

Supervision by playtime pet nannies

VIP Pet Shuttle

Open 7 / 7

Daily Activities*

07H00 Potty Break & Breakfast
09H00 Pack Introduction & free run
10H00 Play with pet nannies & fitness programs
12H00 Nap Time
14H00 Pool splash (outdoor may to september) or intelligence game (indoor)
15H00 Group or individual obedience training
16H00 Chase & Hunting park run
18H00 Dinner
19H00 Play & Chill
21H00 Potty & Sleep
*above program time may change according to weather

Add-on Services (additional cost)

👑 Room service meal : Beef + 4 different bio vegetables + bio fruits (price is calculated based on individual weight)

👑 Extra walk : 30 CHF/€

👑 Extra Cuddle : 30 CHF/€

VIP Pet Shuttle

🚌 Monday to Friday : 50 to 70 CHF/€ each way
🚌 Weekend : 100 to 150 CHF/€ each way

Rates are quoted depending upon the distance.
Additional charge for waiting time : 1 CHF/€ per minute (max 5 minutes waiting)
The pet owner is responsible to be present during the pick-up / drop-off time slots.
Arrival time is notified by the chauffeur before departure.

Time slots

06H00 - 10H00

Door-to-door pick-up

17H00 - 19H00

Door-to-door drop-off

Best friends palace’s pet taxi service is fully authorized by Service de la consommation des affaires vétérinaires (licence No. CH-GE-TRS024)